• Pickup is open to anyone! New players are welcome to join us for any and all pickup games.
  • Bring a white and a dark shirt and then get on the goal line between points. We'll explain the rest.
  • Join the AUA Facebook Group for up-to-date times and weekly reminders.

Sunday at 10:00AM at Sandia Preparatory School

  • This game is geared towards players 35 and older.
  • Join the Facebook Group for up-to-date times, locations, and weekly reminders.

Sunday at 11:30AM on Johnson Field

Monday at 5:00PM on Johnson Field

Tuesday at 5:30PM on Hardin Field, Kirtland Air Force Base

  • The field is located on Kirtland Air Force Base. You must have access to the base in order to play in this game.
  • Contact Jesse Lai for more information.

Wenesday at 5:00PM on Johnson Field

Friday at 12:30PM at Bullhead Park

  • Contact Nat Brown to be added to the email distribution list.

Friday at 5:00PM on Johnson Field

Saturday at 4:30PM ar City View Park


Wednesday at 6:30PM on Johnson Field


Wednesday at 6:00PM at Bataan Park

  • This only runs during Daylight Saving Time

Saturday at 4:00PM at Bataan Park